Hello, This year, Anne was a blessing to our family. You made our dream come true. To be honest, we had no idea you were going to transport the kid to us. Because we had fallen into the clutches of scammers so many times, my husband stated, “Well, this should be the last time we give money ahead.” And thank GOD we did, and you kept your word, God will bless you and your family, I can’t thank you enough, we are overjoyed. I wish you all the best. If I come across someone who is interested in purchasing a Maine Coon kitten, I will direct them to your website. Thank you so much again Granny Smart Kittens Home.
Rabaca A.
Hi Granny Smart Kittens Home I just received my baby in the mail. Thank you for your help during this entire process. Linda is right here in my arms, and she appears to be in great shape and full of enthusiasm. I am overjoyed to get this kitty. It had always been my dream to own a Maine Coon, and now since I spent all of my time at home doing nothing, I wanted someone to keep me company. I didn’t know how to obtain a kitten at first because I couldn’t leave the house. But Granny Smart Kittens Home shipped the kitten right to my home address. All I did was pay for my kitten and sign to collect her when she arrived. Thanks a lot. God Bless You. Thank you,
Emma J.
Hi Finding a kitten for my kid in the NH region proved tough, so I began an internet search for a trustworthy provider, eventually settling on Granny Smart Kittens Home. I chose a Kitten and quickly made a reservation for him. I had prompt communication via phone and email and was able to arrange for his visit on a weekend. He was flown into an airport approximately an hour away and sent to my house in a pet carrier with some of his current kitten food brand and vet/health paperwork.
I purchased this cat for my son as a gift for his birthday. His name originally was Romeo but my son felt Hank fit him much better! The whole process was wonderful with explanations all along the way. The breeder was excellent in sending pictures weekly which were forwarded to me. Hank is very loved and everything I expected. The breeder was excellent in sending pictures weekly which were forwarded to me. We love him
Jeremy T.
The purchase of my kitten was so easy from the day I reserved her.Granny Smart Kittens Home was very informative throughout the process especially if you never had a cat before. The communication on the arrival was spot on no pun intended! The pet cab service was great and she was delivered to my home healthy and happy in her crate!!
Edward D.
From the very first inquiry I made about my sweet girl, Granny Smart Kittens Home was always working to get me the info and help. Throughout the entire process they were committed to getting me through this very new and exciting time. Thank you for bringing me my sweet girl!
Joanna G.
I could not have had a better experience. The ease with which we communicated was enviable by other companies. Granny Smart Kittens Home over delivered in my opinion. They even called me twice to follow up on my experience. They also shared information about their facility, my kittens parents and her siblings. It was awesome
South Dakota
Everything was perfect. My kitten Bentley is very healthy looked exactly like his picture. This has been a great experience for me. Cannot imagine Granny Smart Kittens Home getting a bad review. The delivery service took great care of him and delivery was a day early. They let me know every step of the way letting me know when Bentley would arrive, very happy with Bentley and Granny Smart Kittens Home.
Alison K.
Our new kitten is amazing and Granny Smart Kittens Home was really helpful in all aspects. I would recommend Granny Smart Kittens Home to anybody and everybody who’s looking for a new addition to their family. Our cat Is very helpful he and very fun and very loving she is going to be a wonderful addition to our family! Thank you so much Granny Smart Kittens Home!!!!!!!’
I would recommend Granny Smart Kittens Home to anyone searching for their perfect match. Because of their nationwide network of breeders the selection could not be greater any other way. The whole process was amazing to which I really struggle to find words to express my experience. Our cat is even cuter and sweeter than imagined. Thanks for making it all possible and safe.
Daniel L.
I received a charming healthy lively little cat who appears to be very well bred and extremely intelligent. I received excellent service before my new kitten arrived and excellent after-purchase support as well. My all time best cat purchase experience ever. I totally trust this company.
Marry R.
Maine Coon Kittens Hub did a great job in helping us purchase our new fur baby. Every step was followed per instructions. It is hard to believe that it is already 3 weeks she has been with us. Thank you for your services.
John S.

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